Product Spotlight - New Liquor Bottles

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J Clendaniel
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October 6, 2022 at 9:51:27 AM PDT October 6, 2022 at 9:51:27 AM PDTth, October 6, 2022 at 9:51:27 AM PDT

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We are constantly trying to add new products to our catalog. Good news, a few new products on the way are a handful of Liquor bottles. We don’t have an ETA yet (hoping soon), but figured we would spread the news. 

If you see any of them that you’re interested in, please don’t hesitate to give us a call (800-903-2830) or email ( and we can work up pricing and get you on a list for samples.

750ml Chicago Bottle – Part Number 1CHI750PI

The 750ml Chicago Bottle has an 18.5mm Bar Top finish. Instead of the thick, heavy base, you see in most Liquor bottles, this one has an eco base. The eco base maintains a high-end appearance at a cheaper cost. It has a round shape making it easy to label and the tall body lets you really show off the color of the liquor or spirit. It has a flat shoulder that leads to a long neck, giving it a unique look.


750ml Kentucky Bottle – Part Number 1KEN750PI

If you're looking for a bottle to help your liquor or spirit stand out on the shelves then look no further. The 750ml Kentucky Liquor bottle has just about everything to sell your spirit. 

Thick, heavy base to give it a high-end appearance. Check

Curved Neck. Check

Extra design on the neck. Check

This liquor bottle has a large square shape that will help highlight your products. You can apply a label that wraps around the bottle or one on the front and back. It has an 18.5mm Bar Top finish, giving it a variety of T-Top corks to pair with.

Typically, this bottle has been a go-to for Whiskey and Bourbon producers.


750ml Dodge City – 1DOD7502PI

The 750ml Dodge City Liquor Bottle shares a somewhat similar look to the Nashville liquor bottle. It has a wide front and back label panels and then 2 shorter sides giving it a rectangular shape. It stands straight up and down with clean edges and a rectangular shape, which makes this bottle pop. The shoulders are rounded off and lead to a long neck with an 18.5mm Bar Top finish. 

It has more of an eco-base, but that doesn’t take away from maintaining a high-end appearance.


750ml Windsor – Part Number 1WIN7501PI

The 750ml Windsor Bottle has the most unique shape on the list. So, if you're looking to package your liquor or spirit in something different than the normal. Something that will catch the eye and make potential customers do a double take? The 750ml Windsor is the way to go. It has an oval shape that tapers to the classic thick, heavy base. 

The oval shape fits perfectly in the palm of the consumer. The rounded shoulders lead to a slightly shorter neck and a wider 21.5mm Bar Top finish.


50ml Stretch Nordic – Part Number 1NOSD0501GHG

The 50ml Stretch Nordic shares the same look as its 750 ml counterpart, however, it features an 18mm Tamper evident screw cap finish. The petite and portable 50 ml size makes it perfect for sample sizes of any type of liquor or spirit. Commonly used for bitters as well. 

It maintains a thick base which will give all your sample sizes a high-end appearance and experience for your customers. The round shape makes it easy to label.


50ml Tennessee – Part Number 1TENN0501GHG

 The 50ml Tennessee bottle maintains the unique shape of the 750ml Tennessee bottle. It has a curved neck, rounded shoulders, and a body that tapers to the thick base. Everything about the 50ml Tennessee screams of an old-time classic liquor bottle look. The small 50 ml capacity makes it great for sample sizes and the 18mm screw cap tamper-evident finish makes it easy to close 

This bottle is perfect for whiskey or rum samples.


Interested in any of these glass liquor bottles, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.