Pump Caps

When selecting packaging for your products, choosing the right closure is important. For liquid products, it is important to choose a quality dispensing cap that is not only user-friendly, but compatible with the type of liquid you are dispensing. Dispensing pumps are extremely versatile and popular dispensing closures that can be used with plastic bottles, jars, jugs, F-style containers, and more. We offer elegant plastic dispensing pumps in a variety of sizes and styles. User-friendly, these pumps are the perfect dispensing option for lotions, creams, and other skincare products. View a sampling of our dispensing pumps below. Can't find what you need? While we are constantly adding to our website, the products listed are just a hint of the options we have available. If you are not finding the dispensing caps you are looking for, be sure to give us a call toll-free at (800) 903-2830 or connect with us on live chat.

3 Products

1 oz Pump for 38-400 Gallon Jugs
$75+ Free Shipping On Cap
24-410 White Lotion Pump - 7 1/2" Dip Tube
$75+ Free Shipping On Cap
22-400 Black Ribbed Treatment Pump - 4.18" DTL
$75+ Free Shipping On Cap