Product Spotlight - New Liquor Bottles

Check out some of the new liquor bottles we have coming soon.

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How are our products shipped?

Want to know how we ship all of products? How we avoid breakage and what to do if it does happen?

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Product Spotlight - Mason Jars

Not sure what jar to use? You can't go wrong using a Mason. Check out what Mason Jars we offer and what makes them so great.

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Beekeeping & Honey Jars

Who doesn’t love a good spoonful of honey to go with their oatmeal in the morning or maybe some drizzled in your tea? The sweet news is that honey is not only delicious but has many different health benefits. Burch Bottle offers a variety of glass and plastic jars that are sure to make any beekeeper/ honey producer proud. The crystal-clear glass will let you show off that beautiful amber color, while the plastic PET will give you a durable option.

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