Product Spotlight - Mason Jars

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J Clendaniel
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July 28, 2022 at 2:32:41 PM PDT July 28, 2022 at 2:32:41 PM PDTth, July 28, 2022 at 2:32:41 PM PDT

If you had to pick the most popular and well know jar out there, Mason Jars are most likely the ones that will pop into your head. You probably even think of the brand ball mason jars.

Back in 1858, the Mason jar was invented by John Landis Mason, and still today, they are one of the most popular jars out there.


Well, that’s a tough one. Maybe because they are so good at doing what they were designed to do, food preservation? The aesthetic look? Embossing?

There is an endless list.

These jars have become a favorite across many different industries. The embossing on our square mason jars gives them a unique look for candle makers. The wide mouth opening and the authentic look have made it a staple for liquor producers and distillers.

Our Mason Jars:

4 oz Round Mason Jar 70-450 Finish:

Our smallest Mason Jar on the list. It has a slight taper on it and the opening is larger than the base. This size is excellent for candles. Use them as a wedding favor.

8 oz Round Mason Jar 70-450 Finish:

The Jelly Jar. It has become such a go-to jar for jam and jelly makers that its name is unofficially the 8 oz Jelly Jar. This round mason also has a slight taper and the opening is larger than the base.

8 oz Square Mason Jar 70-450 Finish:

Now we are getting into the classic embossed/debossed look. Use this one for candles and spices.

16 oz Square Mason Jar 70-450 Finish:

This jar also has the embossed Mason on all 4 sides and debossed measurements on 2 of them. This jar is great for pasta sauces, candles, preserves, and pickled vegetables.

16 oz Handled Mason Jar 70-450 Finish:

I don’t know about you but there is nothing better than to sit outside with an ice-cold drink in a handled glass mason mug. These jars are also excellent for candle makers and canning.

25 oz Square Mason Jar 70-450 Finish:

Last but not least. This jar also has embossing and debossing. It has become a go-to for liquor producers, pasta sauce makers, pickled vegetables, candles, preserves, canning, and on and on and on.


I almost forgot the other thing that makes Mason Jars so great…. The caps.

If you didn’t notice all of our Mason Jars have a 70-450 finish. Take a guess on which cap size has the most options to choose from….70-450. Also known as 70G, these caps have an endless list of colors that are available. You’ll be able to match the cap color to your product. What’s even better is that all sizes of our Mason Jars have that 70-450 finish, so you won’t have to buy 10 different caps for all your different products.

They are also offered with a plastisol liner designed for hot-filling and a tamper-evident seal button.

You can’t go wrong using a Mason Jar.

Have any questions about Mason Jars? Want to see samples? Give us a call at (800) 903 -2830, email us at or reach out through the live chat on the website.