Glass Mason Jars

Not sure what jar to use for your homemade jam. Maybe need one for that jelly everyone seems to love on their PB &J's. Our Mason jar glasses are an excellent option for that as well as much more. The smaller 8oz glass mason is perfect for those jams, jellies, chutneys, candles and the larger sizes 16oz and 25oz are good for pasta sauces and pickled vegetables. DIY enthusiasts love these glass jars for special projects such as wedding and party favors, table decor, crafts, and cocktail drinks. The wide mouth of these popular jars makes it easy to scoop, dip, pour or grab its contents. The glass Mason jars are the go to jar with their wide variety of use and the capability to take a 70/450 closure. Meaning that you get the easy to use continuous thread cap and the safety button to put your customer's mind at ease.

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